Pizza at Di Fara’s

Yeah, and it’s damn good pizza too. Mega-Thanks to our gracious host, Adam. Because it 35 clams each for the fancy pizza. And there ain’t much else fancy about it.. Continue reading

Exceptional People

The greatest joy of living in New York City is the people I have met or had the honor of working with. These are some of the brightest stars in my sky. Continue reading

Restaurants that are “Muy Bueno”

This is my current and exceedingly short list, I admit. I’ll add to it soon. Continue reading

Great Ingredients and Products

“Incontournable” is hip French for “you can’t live without it” These are some of the ingredients I live for. Continue reading

Fast Casual

FAST CASUAL, a relatively new, revolutionary segment, is defined as “a unique value or quality experience, with gourmet level food and drink, that delivers an interior that wows the guest, all at a price that is driven by value.” (Bob Barron, Fast Continue reading

Great Food Stores and Places

Kalustyan’s – My father took me here in the 60’s. Back then they sold mango pickle in big wooden barrels. This is a one of a kind store anyone in love with food must visit. Continue reading